Provision of Renewable Energy in Malawi

Renew’N’Able Malawi have recently appointed Ewan Ramsay as a Trustee of their organisation. Ewan has worked with Martina and her inspiring team in Malawi over the past 4 years and he is delighted to be taking more of an active role in seeking to develop the fundraising and capacity building within the organisation. IRRI continues to support the two kiosks which were set up as part of the Rural Off-Grid project as much as possible and is looking forward to ensuring that these projects can become self-sustaining by the end of 2016.

Ewan and some colleagues from IRRI’s sister organisation, Cre8te, have agreed to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon Weekend of races on 28th May 2016 and will be taking part in the 10k and the 5k to raise some much needed funds to build capacity within the communities in remote, rural parts of Malawi. Any monies that you are able to donate will be greatly appreciated and updates will be sent to all of you as the year goes on to update the progress being made.


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Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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