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Wherever you look today, you hear a story of despair. The world is running out. The world is running out of food, the world is running out of water, the world is running out of energy, and now the world is running out of money.

We believe there are solutions to be found, that we will only find them by working together, in collaboration, not in confrontation, and that we will find them if we believe positively that they are there to be found, rather than allow the prophets of doom to convince us that we are all too late.

International Resources and Recycling Institute IRRI is a cause-based environmental charity. IRRI is active in seeking innovations that will help accelerate the theory and practice of resource use.

IRRI’s cause is making the world’s resources stretch to meet the world’s needs. We cannot invent any more resources than the world can provide. But we can invent new ways of using them to make them stretch further.

So IRRI exists to link the public and private sectors to the academic sector on an international basis in partnerships that address new and unexplored routes towards more effective and equitable resource use.

IRRI is working for more balanced resource use for all of us.

What is IRRI?

IRRI is a cause-based environmental charity which is committed to advancing the theory and practice of resource use by linking the public and private sectors to the academic sector on an international basis.

When was IRRI set up?

IRRI was registered as a Charity in Scotland in July 2005, by its founder Members, Dundee City Council, the University of Abertay Dundee, and SD Lime & Associates. Its registered office originally in Dundee has recently moved to Edinburgh.

Who owns IRRI?

IRRI is an independent company limited by guarantee having no share capital, and is owned by its Members. Its leading member (and partner) is Cre8te (Craigmillar Opportunities Trust Limited), a Local Enterprise Trust. Other Members include its founder Members, Dundee City Council, the University of Abertay Dundee, and SD Lime & Associates, as well as British Geological Survey, SEPA, Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership, Mayo County Council and Dundee College.

What has IRRI achieved?

IRRI designs, develops and manages innovative partnership projects addressing different areas of resource use. Currently all projects are based in European partnerships and are funded by the European Union. Two are in water management, dealing with groundwater management, and with the creation of new lakes and wetlands; two deal with renewable energy for communities, and for SME’s; one is examining means of helping to make islands more sustainable; and one is working with the principles of variable pricing and the use of smart metering for increased energy efficiency.

IRRI has developed a network of partners throughout Europe, working together on innovations in some of the most critical resource issues confronting modern society, related to water and energy. Its partners include world-leading bodies such as British Geological Survey, as well as major development bodies, such as Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership. IRRI’s work connects with policy-makers in all regions. IRRI is trusted within the public, private and academic sectors to be able to draw out the most productive issues for exploration, and design projects with interest and potential for a wide variety of partners and concerns.

Where is IRRI based?

IRRI is based in its Edinburgh headquarters in Craigmillar, but also has project staff based in offices in Glasgow, Coleraine (N Ireland), and County Mayo (Ireland).

Who runs IRRI?

IRRI is governed by a charitable board, elected by the Members. This Board currently comprises:

  • Nick Lyth (Managing Director)
  • John Moorhouse (Convenor, Gordon Cook Conversations; Chairman, Grand Central Savings; Director, Columba 1400; Trustee, Frank Buttle Trust)
  • Professor John Palfreyman (Head of School, University of Abertay Dundee)
  • Colin Rogers (Director, WARC)
  • Neil Scott FRICS (Chief Executive - Cre8te)
  • Valerie Wishart CA (Beyond the Numbers)

IRRI is managed by a team of six in its Craigmillar office and currently employs 13 members of staff, in three different offices.

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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