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In May 2012, IRRI co-hosted Scotland’s debut Global Water Scarcity Conference in conjunction with UNITAR and CIWEM. It was supported by University of Strathclyde David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability and the Scottish Government.

The conference attracted an international audience and created a ripple in Scotland regarding the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation Agenda. Please click here to read the official Scottish Government press release.

Since then, IRRI have organised events in Scottish Parliament, European Parliament and in Scotland House, Brussels, all of which linked a range of policy makers and stakeholders together for a common purpose.

To find out more about this event, or to discuss future conference collaborations, please contact IRRI.

Project Management

IRRI has a wealth of project management experience on a UK wide, to International scale. Since 2005, IRRI has managed work in a number of European Partnership projects, and successfully fulfilled the role of lead partner in NPP funded strategic projects, SMALLEST, WARES and RECENT. Most recently, IRRI has taken on the role of project manager working with both of Scottish and Malawian organisations in a Rural Off-Grid Energy Kiosks project, funded by the Scottish Government Malawi Development Programme. IRRI works closely with our sister organisation, Renew N’Able Malawi on a range of projects in Malawi.

IRRI is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate and innovate. If you are interested in developing a project, or have a project plan that requires an experienced project management team, IRRI would be interested in working together.

European Grant Applications

IRRI has gained significant experience in European Partnership Projects over the past 10 years, and has expertise in sourcing funding streams and building strong partnerships. If you have an idea for a project, IRRI can help you to secure funding by identifying the most appropriate funding stream, and helping you to write an effective application.

If you have an enquiry regarding any of the above services, please contact IRRI at

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