If you have skills and expertise that you believe could be useful for IRRI, and would like to gain experience in the environmental sector, we would be pleased to discuss potential voluntary roles with you.

We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who would like to sit on our Board of Trustees in a voluntary capacity. We are constantly seeking new inspiration and experience to add to our existing Board of Trustees and would love to hear from anyone who thinks they could bring added value to the organisation.

Please contact us here.

Messages from previous volunteers

Eva Orossova

Eva comes from Prague in the Czech Republic, where she is at University. She has now returned to her course, which involves a five-month session in Regensburg, in Bavaria, before being reinstated in Prague itself. Eva speaks fluent German, as well as Czech, French and English, so Bavaria will be no problem for her. She also plays the viola in orchestras around Prague.

"As I applied for an internship in Scotland, the most important point was to improve my language skills. The great thing about the internship in IRRI is that it gave me much more than this! It was a pleasure to work with all the IRRI staff and to learn about the project which are very interesting and useful. I also got a look into how a charity works, how are the projects prepared and how they work, I really did use the knowledge I got at my university, because sometimes it was quite difficult to apply for a new project or prepare some materials."


Juliette Garner

Juliette was a S6 pupil at Portobello High School. She volunteered for IRRI on a weekly basis, helping out with a variety of tasks and projects.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at IRRI, far more than attending school for the remainder of my week! Volunteering at IRRI has been a fantastic and very educational experience. It has provided me with countless opportunities to develop new skills that will be very useful in my future. I have gained a real understanding about how to handle important responsibilities due to my involvement in some of the organisations excellent projects. The friendly team at IRRI made me feel so welcome when I first started my volunteering post, which has made the work even more enjoyable. I highly recommend IRRI to anyone who is looking for some voluntary experience."

Katie Fowler

Katie Fowler volunteered as a Fundraiser for IRRI. She now works as Fundraising Officer at Groundwork London.

"Volunteering at IRRI has been an unbeatable learning opportunity and has given me invaluable hands on experience of fundraising. I’ve been lucky enough to have had real responsibility from the start and the chance to be involved in some groundbreaking projects. The team itself has been so welcoming, and made me feel at home straight away. I would recommend IRRI to anyone looking for some voluntary experience in the environmental sector."

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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