Potential Project Opportunities

IRRI designs, develops and manages innovative partnership projects addressing different areas of resource use. Throughout the last 10 years the majority of our projects are based in European partnerships and have been funded by the European Union. Two have been in water management, dealing with groundwater management, and with the creation of new lakes and wetlands; three deal with renewable energy for communities, and for SME’s; one examined the means of helping to make islands more sustainable; and one is worked with the principles of variable pricing and the use of smart metering for increased energy efficiency. As well as our work in Europe, we have been working in Malawi since 2011, helping to design, develop and manage a number of community renewable energy projects. IRRI are equally comfortable in being a Lead Partner in trans-national projects, having done so on four occasions as well as working as a budget holding partner, as part of a wider partnership.

IRRI has developed a network of partners throughout Europe, working together on innovations in some of the most critical resource issues confronting modern society, related to water and energy. Its partners include world-leading bodies such as British Geological Survey, as well as major development bodies, such as Scottish Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Energy Savings Trust and Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership.

  • IRRI are currently seeking new project partnership opportunities working in the following themes – circular economy, environment, Blue Growth, climate change, transport (including electric vehicles, water, water technologies, low carbon, urban and smart cities and energy efficiency.

Should anyone be interested in working with IRRI to develop new project opportunities please contact Ewan Ramsay on + 44 (0) 131 290 2750 or on

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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