Resource for Life: Achievements

Since the idea was born in Autumn 2011, the Resource for Life programme has developed in leaps and bounds, thanks to funding from the Robertson Trust, Bank of Scotland Foundation, The Scottish Community Foundation, Charitable donations from Nairn’s and John Moorhouse, and funds raised by the Runner Bean Team from the Bupa Great Winter Run.

Throughout the first year of the programme, launched in January 2012, 60 children benefited from Resource for Life, learning the life skills necessary to help them access the resources they need for their lives from their local environments. The children learnt how to grow their own food using low cost urban gardening techniques, how to recycle and reuse household materials to create useful items, how to use local water resources efficiently, how to harness local energy, and how to save energy in the home.

Following a successful first year of the programme, Resource for Life has recently launched for a second year. The programme has expanded into three schools, reaching out to even more children than last year. In addition to Castleview Primary School and Granton Primary School, Resource for Life is also no working with Murrayburn Primary School. The second year of Resource for Life launched in mid January, as our Resource for Life Leaders worked with this year’s classes to create a colourful Resource for Life display board, using recycled materials and their imaginations.

Over the next few months, this year’s Resource for Life class will learn how to make the most of local resources, including learning how to grow salad in a newspaper, make natural, low-cost cleaning products, get crafty with recycled tights, make a DIY watering can, and harness local energy. If you're part of, or know a school that would like to discuss working with Resource for Life, please contact us at or 0131 202 1649.

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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