The Programme

At the core of Resource for Life is the need for the activities and skills taught to relate to the children’s daily life. Throughout the programme, children are encouraged to bring in household recycling to use in the activities to ensure that they can repeat their learning at home. Resource for Life encourages children to think about the material properties of household recycling, and how these recycled materials could be viewed as a useful resource rather than waste.

Overall, Resource for Life teaches children living in areas of deprivation the skills and knowledge necessary to grow food in a variety of environments, how to reuse and recycle household materials to create useful items, how to resourcefully use local water and energy, and bicycle maintenance and repair skills. All of these activities can be achieved by using low cost or locally sourced resources.

Food Module:

Low cost urban gardening is introduced through the food module. Children are taught how to germinate seedlings indoors and outdoors, how to use recycled household materials on a vegetable plot, how to care for growing vegetables, how to harvest their crop and how to use the food they have grown.

Household Recycling and Reuse Module:

Through the process of making a Bag for Life, children are taught a range of household skills, and emphasis is placed on thinking about how these skills can be used in their daily life. In this module, children make their Bag for Life from recycled fabric, learn how to make natural household cleaning products, learn techniques for washing fabric by hand, and learn finger knitting and sewing skills.

Water Module:

The concept of water footprinting is introduced through the water module. Children learn about how water is incorporated in all aspects of daily life, and learn how to use local water sources efficiently.

Energy Module:

The energy module encourages children to think about where energy comes from and the different sources of energy available in their local environment. Renewable energy is investigated through practical activities. Children also learn about energy use in the home, and ways in which they can save energy.

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance:

The bicycle module teaches children how to look after their bicycles and repair any small problems that they might come across.

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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