Resource for Life: The Runner Bean Team

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IRRI Runner Bean Team - We did it!

Introducing The Runner Bean Team.

Nick Lyth Ewan Ramsay Karen Twatt
Amy Clarke Philip Munro Colin Rogers

The Team: Top (Nick Lyth, Ewan Ramsay and Karen Twatt)
Bottom (Amy Clarke, Philip Munro and Colin Rogers).

The Event

To raise money for the Resource for Life campaign, the IRRI Runner Bean Team will be braving the icy January winds to take part in the BUPA Great Winter Run. The 5k course is situated amongst the snowy peaks of Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Park in the heart of historic Edinburgh. Come along and give us a cheer on the 7th of January 2012, starting at 11.00am.

The Target

We have set ourselves a target of £5000. This is an ambitious undertaking, especially in this time of economic hardship, but we believe passionately in our cause and hope you will help us reach our goal.

Your money will help us pay for the course materials required to deliver Resource for Life in the classroom, grow beds, soils and seeds, renewable energy installations and maintenance, staff recruitment and training.

The Fancy Dress

Here at IRRI we love a challenge, but let’s be honest, 5k isn't exactly a marathon (despite what Ewan might say). So we thought we’d ramp up the challenge a bit. For the BUPA Great Winter Run we will all be dressed up as runner beans!

Not only will our runner bean outfits keep us nice and snug, but it also ties in nicely with one of the key Resource for Life themes: growing nutritious food. We hope for a good crop of runner beans from the grow beds which some of our donations will go towards.

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
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