What is Resource for Life?

Resource for LifeThe Resource for Life programme is IRRI’s grassroots solution to resource deprivation.

Resource for Life teaches children living in areas of deprivation how to access the resources they need for their lives from their local environment, challenging the view that only money can solve nutritional and material deprivation. It achieves this by teaching practical life skills through a series of workshops structured around 5 modules: food growth, household recycling and reuse, water security, renewable energy and a bicycle maintenance and repair workshop.

Resource for Life aims to empower children living in areas of urban and rural resource deprivation by not only teaching practical life skills, but also creating a platform on which they can build their confidence and self belief.

Castleton Primary School
Resource for Life at work in Castleview Primary School, Craigmillar, Edinburgh.



Wednesday, 8 July, 2020
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